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Clips from “fatal flaws” (Private Viewing Only): 

A young Canadian woman living with Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy  is told by her doctor she should consider medical aid in dying because of her condition - and continued trips to hospital. Her mother told she is selfish for not considering it.

Fatal Flaws Film Clip : “They wanted me to do an assisted suicide death on her.” - YouTube

Euthanasia without consent.  Margreet’s mother was euthanized by a doctor because ‘she was old and, in the doctor’s opinion, didn’t have anything to live for. 

Margreet: "She was euthanized without consent. They decided." - YouTube

Doctor shopping.  Here a doctor in Oregon speaks about being the ‘ignored’ second opinion.  His patient died by assisted suicide shortly after.  

Cancer Depression Shouldn't Lead to Assisted Suicide - YouTube

Six months to live?  A foreseeable death?  Cancer patient who asks for assisted suicide - and would have qualified - is alive 18 years later due to a doctor who refused to prescribe. 

18 years later, cancer patient thanks doctor for not agreeing to assisted suicide - YouTube

The Completed Life Bill? Incremental expansions of the law seem inevitable.  The larger discussion about the proposed law in the Netherlands that says we should all avoid suffering by ending our lives early when we feel the our lives are ‘complete.’ 

The Completed Life - YouTube