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Photo credit: Mark Bowling

Photo credit: Mark Bowling


Catholic filmmaker investigating the spread of euthanasia worldwide wants to protect life
by Mark Bowling

Catholic filmmaker Kevin Dunn has a clear, passionate message when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

“I love life. It’s a gift, and we need to protect it, at all costs,” he said.

The Canadian father-of-six has spent much of the past five years investigating the impacts and expansion of euthanasia and assisted-suicide laws throughout the world.

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Fatal Flaws Screening in Channel Islands Helps Defeat Vote on Assisted Suicide
by Kevin Dunn

I had always hoped this film would be a game-changer. Looks like it’s happening.

I’ve just returned from The Channel Islands, UK where we had two screenings of Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death. One in Guernsey and another in  Alderney.  These happened just prior to a three day debate and vote on assisted suicide.  According to The Guardian,  “if the Requete had passed, Guernsey would have become the first place in the British Isles to offer euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses.”  Instead they voted to improve palliative care on the island…


Filmmaker Kevin Dunn in Australia continuing fight against euthanasia
by Deborah Gyapong

OTTAWA -- Documentary film producer Kevin Dunn admits he felt a bit depressed after producing two films about euthanasia.

However, searching for a different subject to film will have to wait — searching for “prophets of hope” has become much more important.

The Canadian producer of Fatal Flaws and The Euthanasia Deception left Aug. 19 for a month-long tour of Australia to screen the films and give talks he hopes will have an impact on that country’s debate on legalizing euthanasia.


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Dunn family lives pro-life message at home and work
by Mickey Conlon, Catholic Register Special 

For Kevin Dunn, being pro-life is a family affair.

That’s understandable, given that he is a father of six, and also the product of a large family himself — he was the fifth of seven children in the Dunn clan that grew up in the Hamilton, Ont., area. The pro-life roots were planted early in life in a large Catholic family that was never shy about proclaiming its faith…



Fatal Flaws: A Canadian film chronicles the march of euthanasia
by Denyse O’Leary

I first became interested in euthanasia in 1972 when I unexpectedly received a letter from a Florida death with dignity group, in connection with a public plea for the euthanasia of a child who had Down syndrome.

I recalled that letter while watching the international film premiere, in Ottawa on May 8, of Fatal Flaws, a film by Canadian broadcaster Kevin Dunn…


In the film Fatal Flaws, filmmaker Kevin Dunn explores assisted suicide laws around the world and the impact they have had and fundamental questions they have created.

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Milton high school learns to serve others in Vanier Way documentary
by Steven Travale, Youth Speak News

When Brian Dunn became the chaplaincy leader at the new Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Milton, Ont., he had a mission to create an environment where the school namesake’s example dwelled within the students…

Kristen Morrow MTA

Kristen Morrow MTA

Music as Therapy in Assisted Dying?

The effects of assisted dying laws on the culture continue to astound me. Recently,  I spoke with a music therapist who was looking for my perspectives on Canada’s Medical Aid in Dying Law (MAiD) as I  have just finished my second film on the subject.  Kristen Morrow, MTA is a conscientious objector who will be part of an upcoming forum in Vancouver, entitled Responding to Change: Music Therapy Perspectives on Navigating Assisted Suicide” .  Kristen will be presenting alongside another therapist who used music therapy in a MAiD procedure.